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The information below, is to give you an idea of the tasks which Bjørn has been exposed to.  The maritime experience is not detailed here, but also here many challenging problems had to be solved.  There are links to many of the projects and/or clients.


2007-11 Client: Johnson Matthey Catalyst (Germany) GmbH

    • Main client: Returkraft as Task: Engineering, erection, commissioning of SCR catalyst for the Returkraft plant.

2006-07 Client: Valcambi sa

    • Contract considerations and adjustments of a scrubber plant from a gold refinery.

2005 Client: Energigjenvinningsetaten

    • QA of water sampling, discharge from the waste water treatment plant at Klemetsrudanlegget.

2004 Client: ;Senja Avfallselskap

    • Design, erection and start-up of an integrated dioxin filter in a wet scrubber unit. (Own development and design)

2002-current Client: Carbo AS

    • Assisting in R&D of a new waste heat recovery boiler and heat exchanger.

2001 Client: Process Partner AS

    • Assisting the owner of the vessel "Rea Sea" to recycle two hazardous waste combustion chambers.

2000-2004 Client: Oslo renovasjonsetat

    • Optimisation of the waste water treatment plant at Klemetsrudanlegget.
    • Tender documents, contracting of 3 years emission measurements.
    • Project assistant in the project: "New baghouse filter" for the Klemetsrud plant (2000-2001)
    • Dioxin removal in a wet scrubbing plant by injection of activated carbon (2000-2001)
    • Project assistant for retrofit control system for the Brobekk incineration plant. (2000-2001)
    • Project manager for renewal and/or expansion of incineration capacity and waste heat recovery. (2000)
    • Technical recourse for misc. projects.
    • Economic "investigator" for reporting old projects.


1999-2000 Client: Oslo renovasjonsetat

    • Acting dept. director "AfA" (Dept. for solid waste treatment in two incineration plants and one landfill)
      • Special assignment: Contributor to-, and quality control of the consequence analysis for the increase of incineration capacity in Oslo. Capacity increase 160.000 tons/year. Report consultant: InterConsult Group ASA (Now Cowi AS), Oslo with NILU as sub supplier.

1998- 2000 Client: InterConsult Group ASA, Dep. Bergen(now Cowi as)

    • "Incineration expert" The BiR-prosjet (A new incineration plant 90.000 t/year)

1998-01 Client: Cambi A/S

    • Hazop study for Fredricia municipality, sewage sludge treatment plant.
    • Hazop study for the Lillehammer wet organic waste treatment plant.
    • Hazop study for Næstved municipality, sewage sludge treatment plant.
    • Hazop study for Borregaard bio sludge treatment plant
    • Hazop study for Chertsey sewages slude treatment plant.

1998-99 Client: Oslo renholdsverk (Oslo renovasjonsetat)

    • Project manager for misc. projects.
    • Y2K project participant. Over all technical overview.



1997-98 Client: Interconsult International A/S

Sub client: Norconsult International A/S

Main client: Public Works Department, Ministry of interior, Thailand

Project: The Samui (2x70 tons/day) and Phuket (1 x 250 tons/day) incineration plants, Thailand

    • Project supervision as "Incineration expert"

1996-97 Client: MEPEX Consult A/S

Main client: NOAH A/S

Project: Pre-treatment plant for organic hazardous waste.

    • Tender documents for hazardous waste treatment plant.
    • Evaluation of bids.
    • Process development.


1993-1996 Client: Cambi A/S

Project(s): HIAS, Gardermoen, Svendborg

    • Process development for thermal explosion treatment of sewage sludge.
    • Equipment list production.
    • ACAD-drawing of P&ID’s.
    • P&ID’s, Layout drawing for bid documents.

1995-98 Client: CARBO A/S

Project: Several bids for projects in Russia.

Long term co-operation agreement.

    • ACAD-drawing of P&ID’s, Fluid Bed incineration plant.
    • Equipment lists.
    • Control philosophy

1993-96: Oslo renholdsverk

Project management of following projects:

    • New ACC. (Automatic Combustion Control) for both the Klemetsrud and Brobekk plants.
    • New PLC for the Klemetsrud plant
    • Improvement of effluent water treatment from flue gas treatment plant. High focus on mercury removal.
    • Development of pilot plant for dioxin removal.
    • Optimisation of SO2-scrubber stage.
    • Installation of oil burners (54 MW installed capacity, 4 incineration lines)

1985-96 REO/Klemetsrudanlegget and Oslo renholdsverk

    • Establishing the operational organisation at REO, incineration plant. (1985)
    • Purchase of coarse shredder for wood waste (1986)
    • Development of computer applications for plant management.
    • New flue gas cleaning plant, Klemetsrudanlegget. (1986-1991)

1974-1984 The shiping company P. Meyer (AS Havtor Management)

    • Carrier from apprentice to Chief Engineer.

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