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Combustion chamber for sale

On behalf of the owners of the "Incineration-at-sea" vessel "Red Sea", Sikker Drift is investigating the possibilities for a new "life" of the combustion chambers currently installed onboard Red Sea. The combustion chambers have never been in operation and are therefor in excellent condition. Contact us if you can utilise these combustion chambers. We can assist in attaching the necessary equipment to comply with the most stringent environmental regulations.

Technical details will be made available as soon as we manage to get something. The Combustion chambers are about 6 m in diameter, internally, and about 6-8 m high before tapering off to the "stack". Each combustion chamber has four burners of make "COEN", Burlingame California.

Check out the pictures of the equipment onboard Red Sea

1.) The vessel from astern

2.) The outlet "stack"

3.) Furnace "dome"

4.) More furnace "dome"

5.) Atomisation air fan and combustion air fan in the background

6.) Combustion air fan and furnace foundation.

7.) Burner opening into the furnace. One of four.

8.) Burner fixture to inner and outer shell.


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