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This page is intended to give you av good information about our company.

Our Business Philosophy

"Sikker Drift" is Norwegian for "Secure operation" or "Safe operation" and was originally the thought behind our technical consulting business, and still is.
NuLife is short for "Nutritinal Life" and reflects the need of all of us to get the best nutrition possible.  When applying "NuLife" philosophy, we get "Sikker Drift" of our bodies and we are ready to perfrom in the hectic socity of today.  "Man" is the most important asset in any business.

Our Employees

Company chairman and technical consultant:  Bjørn Baltzersen, "1954-model".
CEO and nutritinal and athletic consultant:
Åse-Line Baltzersen, "1986-model".

Our Company

Our business is founded on the wide experience of Bjørn Baltzersen the company founder.  As a former merchant mariner, Bjørn has travelled the "high seas" and been around the world a few times, visiting many of the continents of the globe.  When at sea, you can't "call the serviceman" but need to solve the problems and challenges then and there.  This "do-it-yourself" spirit is a mian guidline in Bjørn's business management and also gives an explaination to his wide area of problem solving.

Take a peek at Bjørn's CV

NuLife NUF, Haukelikroken 6, 1415 Oppegård, Norway     org. nr. NO 988 395 927 mva
Norwegian dept. of Sikker Drift Ltd, Cardiff, UK       UK 54 88 025