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A Waste to Energy plant---->The environmental challenge

Older Waste to Energy plants often require costly refurbishing due to new environmental requirements, or due to a change in the quality of the waste being treated. Your problem is our challenge. Our experience is our foundation for a good result for you, the client. If you are under "fire" and risk being shut down, we can most likely get you back in operation swiftly, meeting permit requirements.

Our network of experienced engineers have most likely "been there" and "done it". Test us with your problem. International experience.

Combustion systems

Emissions to air

Emissions to water


  • Grate systems
  • Fluidised bed systems
  • Newer special systems
  • Boiler systems
  • Variations in heating value
  • Automation systems
  • Dioxin removal/reduction
  • Acid gas removal
  • NOx-reduction
  • Wet scrubbers, our speciality
  • Heavy metal emissions from WWTP
  • Coping with variation in chemical load.
  • Project management
  • Health Environment and safety
  • Knowledge verification
  • Reporting routines
  • Rest life analysis
  • Process description
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