Solid waste management

An overview of some projects which Bjørn has been involved in

During the years at The Solid Waste Management of Oslo (until June 1996), Bjørn was engaged in several interesting projects. The most important project was the planning and construction of a wet scrubbing system for the Klemetsrud plant. The flue gas cleaning systems at the incineration plants in Oslo remove the harmful gases HCl (hydrochloric acid), SO2 (sulphur dioxide) and heavy metals such as Mercury, Lead and Sink. Also other harmful gases and heavy metals are captured. The mercury is captured in the scrubbing liquid. The scrubbing liquid is neutralised in the effluent treatment plant where the heavy metals are precipitated. The concentration of mercury in the neutralised effluent (pH=9) has been the most exciting challenge. For more details read about the mercury load.

The emission of dioxins has also been a big challenge. During week 45 1995, measurements were taken at three levels in the stack. Lowest was directly after the flue gas fan. (+16 m), then at stack middle (+40m) and at the top of the stack, 0,75 m from the top. The results showed a reduction from 3 to 2 and to 0,9 ng/Nm3 at the top. This happened in a stack with 100% relative moisture, 68 C. Both similar and opposit situations have been detected since. Today (spring 2001) the Klemetsrud plant is being refurbished with a bag house filter positioned in front of the wet scrubber. A Babcock Borsig Power configuration.

When Bjørn left Oslo renholdsverk in 1996 to run his own consulting business, Sikker Drift, he worked together with Mepex Consult AS in the first stage of the national hazardous waste pre-treatment plant, now in operation at Brevik, Norway. This plant pre-treats various hazardous wastes and converts the waste to fuel for a cement plant located next to the hazardous waste pre-treatment plant.

In mid June 1997 Bjørn left Norway to work on behalf of Norconsult International (engaged by Interconsult International AS) in Thailand to do supervision work as "incineration specialist" during the construction of the first two mass burn solid waste incineration plants located at Phuket and Koh Samui. These plants were finished late May 1998 and are currently in operation.

Back in Norway again Bjørn entered a contract with InterConsult Group ASA to function as a resource for the project manager of the BiR project. In the BiR project Bjørn has been responsible as the clients representative to follow up the supply, erection an commissioning of a 15 t/h waste to energy plant. Total budget NOK 650 mill. The plant has recently finished its first year of operation and has been handed over to the client. (Feb. 2001)

In April 1999 Bjørn was also engaged as acting dept. director for The Solid Waste Management of Oslo (now Oslo renovasjonsetat), AfA department (AfA= Department of waste treatment) during the period while the company employed a new dept. director. The AfA dept. is responsible for the operation of the two Waste to Energy plants in Oslo and also a large landfill where many recycling activities take place. New dept. director took office in Feb. 2000.

During the year 2000 Bjørn has been assisting Renovasjonsetaten and other clients in various projects. At the Brobekk plant in Oslo (Renovasjonsetaten) a new control system has been installed, replacing the original BBC Procontic DP800 system which had been in operation since 1986 when the "new" lines at the Brobekk plant were installed. The new control system in an Alan Bradley system which has been delivered and programmed by Umoe Intech AS. (now Cronus Engineering)

Due to upcoming stricter dioxin regulations Bjørn has assisted the Klemetsrud plant in the installation and commissioning of a dosing system for PAC (Powered Activated Carbon), using the Norit SA Super product supplied through their Norwegian representative Kraft Chemicals A/S. The system has reduced the dioxin emissions from 2,5 ng/Nm3 to below 0,5 ng/Nm3 after only 5 days of carbon injection. New measurements took place in week 12.2001 and good results are expected.

What new interesting engagements are waiting in the future? Do you have a project needing assistance? Send me an email.

This page was updated April 23. 2001

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