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My journey from flab to fit
Sunday, 4 March 2012
What went wrong?

WHY ME?  What made me FAT?

For decades I have been taught "fat is bad", so I quit using butter at 18.  After an active career as marine engineer, ending my seagoing career Nov. 1984, I weighed in at about 85 kg.  Not bad condidering I am 188 cm (6 feet, 2 inches).  I commenced a job within the WtE industry (burning garbage) as a manager of Norway's then largest waste incineration plant.  More office work, less movements.  Shortly thereafter wifey got pregnant, with complications (less activity for me) and within a few years my weight had increased to 120 kg.  I had attracted high blood pressure and diabetes 2 and got pills, later more pills.

The summer of 2010 I was put on insulin at the same time I had got Carcots foot (a serious diabetes complication).  The minimum posibility to move around because of the foot, now with a "cast boot" together with the injection of insulin, my weight rocketed to over 150 kg.  By October 10. 2011, I topped off at 157 kg (354 lbs).  I had then for serveral months been using a site for weight reduction where I was reccomended to consume 2500 kCal/day with an energy distrubution of 50-60% carbs, 10-20% protein and 25-35% fat.

After 4 months I had gone down and up and by late January 2012 I had only got down to 149,9 kg.

I was then on 2 different diabetes pills + both slow and rapid insulin, using about 3-4 x 30 units/day rapid insulin.  The long term blood sugar was OK, but my health was lousy.

During the weekend January 21-22.nd my daughter and I spent a weekend together attending a course in a different city.  I was given the book "Diabetes? No Thnaks" by the Swedish auther Karl-Erik Litsfeldt.  In addition my daughter introduced me to coco fat.  I got a cup of tea with a teaspoon of coco fat.  Yummy.

That weekend I went LCHF and already on Monday, two days later, I could quit using my insulin!  (But kept using the pills)

Today, March 4th, I'm down 9 kg in only 6 weeks.  My food consumption is down from the suggested 2500 kCal/day (when I was often hungry) to an average of 1630 kCal/day without the same naging hunger.  Yes, some times I get sugar cravings, but the "sins" are included in the average energy consumption.  And most important of all, so far, the only exercise I have done is 5 trips to a Mall in Sweden (across the border) walking, but at least I have been able to walk a bit again and without my bloodpressure rocketing.

Morw about my thoughts about this later.  I will later also post my "before" picture.  In a Borat "Mankini" (not very delicate viewing, so I'll wait until I have a nice "after" picture to compare with) :-)

Hmm. Looks like I didn't answer the question I asked, but I guess you can see where this is heading.

Posted by Bjørn at 8:32 PM CET
Updated: Sunday, 4 March 2012 9:34 PM CET
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